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  • Die Forged Aluminum Copper Alloy
  • Jaw opening range of 13 – 65 mm
  • Non-Sparking, Non-Magnetic & Corrosion Resistant
  • Non-Sparking for use where flammable or combustible vapors, liquids, dust or residue are present
  • Non-Magnetic for use near highly sensitive magnetic equipment; MRI and Clean Room environments; Corrosion Resistant even in the most severe environments

These wrenches are used to disassemble and assemble fasteners and fittings. The maximum jaw openings range from 13 mm to 65 mm in size. All of our tools are guaranteed 100 % and meet the requirements of testing under GB 10686-89 of China. This wrenches avoid sparking when struck, rubbed or collided with other objects. This is useful for oil and gas works, petro-chemical plants, explosive manufactures, mines, shipyards, pipeline construction, armed forces, pharmacy, medical , airports and many other industries.

Quick-Wedge offers a variety of non-sparking adjustable wrenches in various sizes.

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