How We Manufacture Millions Without Slow International Relations.


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- Clients come to us for problems other companies can't solve.

- Let us put our manufacturing and injection molding experience to your benefit.

- Quick-Wedge products make over 3 million dollars a year in revenue alone.

- Our Manufacturing Facility for our clients produces over 20 million dollars in client products each and every year.


The local touch you need fore mass production of your parts. Tight tolerances and custom parts are made by the hundreds of thousands each month and then are packaged and sent out to customers or distribution centers. Save time and money by manufacturing in the United States.



32+ Injection Molding Machines

Large and small we do it all. Our largest machine is a 330 ton and our smallest machine is a 64 ton.

14+ Mills, Lathes, and 3D Printers.

We can prototype your design with our 3d printers, machine molds in house, put the finishing details on parts and do anything to make your part to your finished specifications.

184+ Happy Customers

We manufacture parts for household brands that you know and love. You’ve probably used something we’ve manufactured.

Product Design

Come to us with your idea and we will refine it to work as an injected molded design.

Injection Molding and Manufacturing

Our facility has the capability to manufacture millions of parts per year, if you need large run production or small batch we have the machines and the manpower to deliver.

Packing and Shipping

Part of our operation is set up to clean, deburr, pack and ship out products. Services such as manufacturing, assembly, product packaging and shipping are all available here.


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